Four years ago, I stumbled across M/K slash. I fell in lust, then in love. I read, then I worte. And though the fandom has changed dramaticly since then, I remain. Partly because Mulder and Krycek are interesting characters to read and write. But a lot of my passion comes from my unique view of the boys. Having read almost every fic written from the begining of the fandom until April 2001, I've created an odd amalgam in my mind, combining every incarnation of Mulder and Krycek from every fic I've read. Passionate dark dangerous loving... and more. Rather than seeing them as two characters in the one dimesion that they are presented in on the show, I've mentally elevated them to mythological status. In my mind, their story not just rivals, but blows away, all other great romantic tales. Forget Romeo and Juliet, Anthony and Cleo, Alexander and Hephaestion, Guenivere and Lancelot... none can compare. For the story of Mulder and Krycek has been told so many times, in so many ways, has lived so many lives that there is an endless and fresh beauty to it. Always different, even if the heart is the same.

They're not just Mulder and Krycek, not to me. They are something beyond, something real and alive, if only in the minds of the readers and writers. They breathe. And in them I see hope and rebirth and redemption. This is the tale I tell.

Welcome to my insanity.

- Araxdelan, April 2002


And After by Araxdelan
May Flow by Araxdelan

Fresh look, fresh stories. It was a long and lonely year without the site, but I'm back.

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04/26/01 - 05/01/01

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Remain by Araxdelan
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Shadow by Broken Angel
Sonnets by Broken Angel

Congratulations LeK Finalists!
-Best Poem-
Untitled III by Broken Angel
Greeting a Lover in Apartment 42 by Raietta
In this Game We Play and Darkness by Aris

-Best Short Story-
Human Touch by Eider
Unspoken by Araxdelan

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